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Q+A: Some Fake News about Ponds

The pond should be located in the lowest point on my property

This is probably the worst location because of drainage and run-off in bad weather, and you will want to reap the benefits of enjoying the beauty and tranquility of your investment not so far from your home.

A timer can be used with a pond and a waterfall

No and Yes. Not a good idea with aquatic life as your pond is an ecosystem needing oxygen constantly for sufficient growth of beneficial bacteria for plants and fish.

Yes, with a pondless waterfall system as there is no need to circulate oxygen for aquatic life.

Ponds need regular cleaning and draining

In Southern California, once-a-year in the Winter is best. Building an ecosystem that works with nature means there is no need to drain and clean every month.

More filtration the better the pond

Aquatic life needs an ecosystem to survive. Over filtering a pond and skimming off dirt particles that are too small can cause one to cleanup the filtering system way too often and create other problems as well. If you can barely see a shiny object at the bottom of your pond the water clarity is fine.

New technology is a better source to control the likes of Mother Nature

Learning from nature is what it takes to be a water gardener. Whatever works naturally in the environment will work especially good in your pond.

Predators will eat all my fish

Fish naturally swim to protected areas of the pond when predators threaten. Its a good idea to plan areas in the pond to help minimise that exposure. Pacific Ponds builds fish caves in the deepest part of the pond to protect fish from predators. If your pond is built three feet, or deeper, predators are rarely a problem.

Ponds attract mosquitos

Mosquitos generally lay eggs in still or stagnant water. If mosquitos lay eggs in your pond and they hatch, the larvae is the best food your fish can eat. It would be a treat.

A pond should be built away from trees

It is true that trees will produce leaves that will fall into the pond. But the shade the trees offer will also retard the algae in the warm months of summer. Occasional skimming of leaves and other large debris will be needed but takes very little time to perform.

It's alright to use chemicals in the pond 

Algaecide products like copper sulphate and fish antibiotics are commonly used as a "quick fix" solution to balance out related issues in the pond. But, a well balanced pond should never need these additives.

Having a pond may decrease property values

This may be true for swimming pools but more recently real estate agents agree that ponds and water features add value and are great additions to your home.

A pond is not worth the liability and safety concerns 

It’s a concern, but it is important to remember that a professionally-installed water garden has steps leading into the pond. The first shelf is only ankle high once the gravel is laid down. The next shelf is up to your knee, while the smallest area in the bottom of the average pond is just above your knee, so it is not constructed like a swimming pool. We recommend your neighbors are aware of the water garden and educate family and friends about the safety near any body of water. If liability is a true concern, consider the option of a pondless waterfall.

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