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Our Mission

With attempts to find the best possible solutions for his customers—Rocky Rebne has been mastering his craft and learning its secrets to help improve Pacific Ponds design, construction and maintenance services.


And with that implemented, Pacific Ponds executes these values with an easy to do business strategy—striking a balance of success between customer and the company, providing a highly trained service team to care for and service all types of water features utilizing the best forms of eco-friendly processes.

Act On Your Dream

You're ready and need answers to some questions. Great.

We would love to hear from you about adding that eco-friendly pond, waterfall or pondless water system to your property.

Forging your dream into reality takes some planning and we want to help bring that dream to life.  Give us a shout with a brief note about your project, maintenance issue, or to schedule an appointment.

Thanks! Message sent.

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